Allen Edward Nesbitt

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Allen Edward Nesbitt (1927 - 23 June 1981) was an Ottawa man whose grandmother was Christena Lemaistre.

Early life

Allen was the only child of Alexander Irwin Nesbitt and his wife Laura. Laura's mother was Christena Lemaistre.

He was born in 1927.

Marriage and family

Allan Edward Nesbitt married Joan Agnes Kearney on 9 October 1954, and according to his mother's obituary had two sons, Robert and Bruce, both of which were in Ottawa at the time of her 1968 death.

One of those sons was born 18 July 1955 at Grace Hospital in Ottawa, according to an announcement made in the Ottawa Journal.

In 1974 he was living in apartment 208, 2240 Halifax Drive, Ottawa, with his wife Joan (a "rental agent") and son Robert (a civil servant).


Allan died in Ottawa on 23 June 1981.