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Bruce Currie, graduation photo, circa 1985

Bruce Douglas Currie (14 June 1959 - 30 January 1985) is the eponym of the Bruce Currie Memorial Fund at the University of Manitoba.

Early life

He was born to Clyde and Jean Currie on 14 June 1959.

He grew up in Fort Garry, Manitoba and was a member of Fort Garry United Church.

He had a close friend, Kevin Barry Jones.


He graduated from Vincent Massey Collegiate magna cum laude.

Ih May 1981, he attained a Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree from University of Manitoba.

From 1981 to 1983 he worked as a senior accounting officer for the Toronto Dominion Bank.

In 1983 he returned to the University of Manitoba for a Master of Business Administration Degree which he would have been awarded in May of 1985.


Wedding of Bruce Currie and Dolores Kolt, 31 December 1982. Top row: Bruce Currie, Dolores Kolt, Dolores Kolt's sister. Bottom row: Shaun Hermiston, Sharlene Hermiston

He married Dolores Kolt on 31 December 1982. They had no children.


He died in St. Boniface [1], a city ward of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, on 30 January 1985.

A scholarship was created at the University of Manitoba in his memory: the Bruce Currie Memorial Scholarship.


Bruce Currie obituary in the Winnipeg Free Press


Winnipeg Free Press, 1 February 1985