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Elizabeth Elaine Luet (nee Coulter) (born 27 June 1929) is a Canadian woman and matriarch of the Luet family of Southern Ontario.

Early life

Elaine was born 27 June 1929 to the Reverend Joseph Coulter and his wife, Williamina Bessie Coulter. She was the sixth of seven children.


Elaine "worked for Bell for a couple of years then was a career mom and housewife, grandma, and babysitter," according to her daughter Stephanie.

Marriage and Family

Elaine married Phillip Luet (22 July 1924 - 14 August 2010) on 6 February 1954. They had four children and 6 grandchildren:

Stephanie has been married twice, first to Douglas Earl Benstead (born 30 October 1948) from 22 February 1980 to 31 August 1998. This marriage produced two children:

Jennifer married Ashley Christopher Wesley (born 3 May 1976) on 29 September 2001 and has two boys:

  • Carter Matthew Wesley (born 6 December 2003)
  • Cohen Benjamin Wesley (born 15 January 2007)

Stephanie's second and current marriage is to Dane Carver Wesley (born 2 July 1947), on 14 May 2005. He had five children (born from 1973 to 1983) from a previous marriage.

Joel married Patricia Margaret Cox (born 14 August 1956) on 12 September 1992. No issue.

Karen married Brian Duncan Gray (born 15 December 1959) on 29 March 1980. They have four children:

Tim's partner is Tanya Henry.