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Ernest John Cooke (21 April 1878 - 18 May 1950) was an Englishman who married and then moved to Wales to mine coal, but following the October 1913 Senghenydd colliery disaster [1] moved to Transcona, Manitoba, which is now a suburb of Winnipeg. He had six children with his wife Rose.

Early life

When John Cooke was born on April 21, 1878, his father, George, was 34 and his mother, Mary, was 38.

He married Rose True on August 4, 1902, in Maesteg, Glamorgan, Wales. They had five daughters and one son in 23 years:

In Maesteg, Wales:

In Transcona, Manitoba, Canada:


John had 10 grandchildren.

Eva Mary Cooke married Arthur T. Bate (died in 1947), and had two children:

  • Arthur John "Jack" Bate (2 August 1923 in Winnipeg - 6 November 1944 KIA WWII)
  • Thomas M. Bate (1934 - 1989), who married Diane Mary Paulley

Edna married Ronald Buxton and had:

  • Vivian Mary (1929 - )
  • Elizabeth May "Betty (1936 - )

Ernie married Gladys Emily Whittington and had:

  • Lloyd Stanley Cooke (1937 -)
  • Marjorie Eleanor Cooke (1939 -)
  • Robert John Cooke (1940 -)

Ann married Mr. Ogden and had one son:

  • Bryan William Ogden (born 1 December 1936)

Rosalind married a Dennis Foot and had two children:

Later life

Sometime between 1910 and 1918, he moved with his family to the Dominion of Canada.

He died on May 18, 1950, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, at the age of 72. His final address was 323 Victoria Avenue, East Transcona (now Winnipeg), Manitoba.

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