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Evelyn Elaine Louise "Lynn" Atherton (nee Newman) (born 19 July 1946) is a retired physiotherapist currently living in Kelowna, British Columbia.

Early life

Lynn was born to Ruth Newman and Bruce Newman on 19 July 1946, the second of their three daughters.

Her older sister's middle name "Hugheen" commemmorated Ruth's brother Hubert Coulter who died in WWII. Lynn's name "Evelyn" is a commemoration of Ruth's other brother Everett Coulter who also died in WWII.

Marriage and family

Lynn married Mike Atherton and drove across Canada to settle in British Columbia with him. She decided to retain her maiden name since her mother had no sons.

From about 1994 to present as of 2019 she lives with her husband at 769 Young Road in Kelowna.

They had four children:

Vanessa partnered with Timothy Walter Parkes "Tim" Ellis (born 30 March 1980) since October 2001. They have one daughter, Brynn, born 6 January 2014.

Andrew married Monique Labelle (born 9 August 1977) on 28 July 2007 and had four children:

Alex married Samantha Gray on 19 August 2016 and adopted her two daughters.

Stephen is not married and has no issue.