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Sandra Hugheen Kenzie (nee Newman) (born 5 August 1944) is a health care aid and mother living in Speyside, Ontario.

Early life

Sandra was born to Ruth Newman and Bruce Newman on 5 August 1944.

Sandra was given an uncommon middle name, "Hugheen", by her mother Ruth, to commemorate Ruth's brother Hubert Coulter, who had been killed in action in the European theatre of World War II, the previous year on 7 May 1943.

Marriage and family

Sandra married James Bryan "Jim" Kenzie (born 3 April 1945) on 2 October 1970 and had four children:

Megan married Jon Vernon (born 23 May 1969) on 21 July 2000. No issue.

Meredith married Jonathan Van Viegen (born 3 January 1976) on 27 June 2009. They have two children:

Patrick has a long-time, live-in girlfriend, Alison Ward (born 28 April 1989). No issue.

Laura has no long-term relation. No issue.