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The Currie line:

  • John (1846-1911)
  • Alex (1890-1964)
  • Jack (1915-2009)
  • Ron (1947-)
  • Michael (1982-)
Lucy CurrieJack Currie
Mary AnnRonald CurrieWilliam "Bill" Currie
MaximeMichael CurrieCarolyn

The "Currie" name in North America as started by John Currie depends on male descendants, and therefore, since Scottish immigrant John Currie had only one adult son (Alex), the only ones keeping the line alive are:

Male descendants of Clyde Currie:

  ALLAN (1943-): Michael, Ian, Jason: Matthew (2004-) + possible descendants of Michael

Male descendants of Jack Currie:

  RON: Michael Currie (1982-)
  DOUG: Ian, Jeff: Jackson Currie, Grady Currie
  BILL: David: Samuel David Currie (2006-), Theo Reis Currie (2009-)

So at present we still have 6 men under 40 with the name Currie in North America descending from John Currie.

  • Michael Currie (1982)
  • Matthew Currie (2004)
  • Jackson Currie (~2004)
  • Grady Currie (~2004)
  • Samuel David Currie (2006)
  • Theo Reis Currie (2009)