Brian Anema

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William Brian "Brian" Anema (born 7 September 1945) was the first husband of Marilyn Hermiston.


Anema was born in Winnipeg, MB, CAN on 7 September 1945, living in Headingly, MB, CAN, son of Klaas Anema and Maria Elizabeth Strach.

He worked as a Timmerman, Schilder and greenskeeper.

On 10 December 1969 in Winnipeg, he married (and divorced in the year 1977 from) Marilyn Currie, laborante, born in Winnipeg on 6 May 1946, living there. (Marilyn married Doug Hermiston in 1981.)

From this marriage:

He was married in Winnipeg on 9 September 1989 to Edith Ruth Burlakow, Onderwijzeres, (born in Winnipeg on 5 June 1948, daughter of Timosej Burlakow and Ruth Brindel).