Ken Coulter

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Samuel Kenneth "Ken" Coulter (June 27, 1913 - September 2, 1993) was a Canadian man. He was deaf. He was an older brother of Ruth Newman, the grandmother of Michael Currie.

Early Life

Ken was born on 27 June 1913 to the Reverend Joseph Coulter and his wife, Bessie, the second of seven children. He developed scarlet fever as a child, and thus became deaf.


He was with the Inspection board in Ottawa during war. He did a short time of teaching then worked in an auto parts place on Young Street and he fixed TVs on the side. I remember him coming to fix our TV. He had a great big tool kit and it had all kinds of tubes and tools. He did tutoring and was involved with scouting. Uncle Ken was married 1 year later to the date of your Aunt Sandra and Uncle Jim. Uncle Ken did not have any children. He and Aunt Marie were a lovely couple but met later in life.
— Stephanie Luet, personal correspondence with Michael Currie, November 2018

He married Lois Marie "Marie" Wartman (13 June 1924 - 15 March 2014) on 2 October 1971.


Stephanie Luet, personal correspondence with Michael Currie, November 2018