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[[File:Lawrence-coulter.jpg|thumb|Laddie Coulter]]
[[File:Lawrence-coulter.jpg|thumb|Laddie Coulter]]
'''Lawrence "Laddie" Coulter''' is a lawyer based in British Columbia.
'''Lawrence W. "Laddie" Coulter''' is a lawyer based in British Columbia.
==Early life==
==Early life==

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Laddie Coulter

Lawrence W. "Laddie" Coulter is a lawyer based in British Columbia.

Early life

He was born to Wesley Coulter.

Marriage and family

Laddie married Barbra Anne Blades (born 14 November 1957) on 27 September 1986. Three children:


Lawrence W. (Laddie) Coulter has as if 2018 over 25 years experience as a civil litigation lawyer in British Columbia Courts. He has appeared at all BC Court levels, and several Administrative Tribunals, including the Canada Labour Tribunal, the Human Rights Tribunal, the Labour Relations Board and the Employment Standards Tribunal.

Born in Toronto, Lawrence obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Toronto and then relocated to Vancouver where he obtained a law degree from the University of British Columbia in 1983. He then articled and accepted employment at Milne Selkirk where he has remained. He opened the new Langley office of the firm in 1991 as its manager, where he continues to practice.

From the outset Lawrence focussed on Civil Litigation files, and conducted Wrongful Dismissal and Personal Injury claims and trials throughout the following years, along with many other complex litigation matters. He has participated in numerous mediations of disputes, trials, appeals, hearings and the like. After a broad based litigation background was obtained, Lawrence has chosen to focus his practice in two main areas, Employment and Injury claims.

As of 2018 his current practice is limited to injury claims representing injured parties only (not insurers), and employment issues for both employers and employees.


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