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7. A Manitoba marriage license on 4 June 1924 saying a Lillian Mildred Snook married a Donald Cameron McLeod (born 1899).  This is the only primary source for her middle name.
7. A Manitoba marriage license on 4 June 1924 saying a Lillian Mildred Snook married a Donald Cameron McLeod (born 1899).  This is the only primary source for her middle name.
8. Her husband's obituary:
8. Her [[Don McLeod|husband]]'s obituary from 1963.
9. Nanaimo Times obituary from 1989.
9. Nanaimo Times obituary from 1989.

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Lillian Mildred Snook (18 January 1903 - 26 January 1989) was the adopted daughter of Anne Snook.

Early life

According to unsourced information on Ancestry.com, she was born in Regina, Saskatchewan on 18 January 1903, but the 1921 census records that she was born in "Ontario", and nothing more specific than that she was 18 in 1921, so likely born in 1903. However, her brief obituary stated she was 85, which would put her birthday between 27 January 1903 and 26 January 1904.

Between the ages of 8 and 17 (after the 1911 census but before the 29 April 1920 wedding of Anna's brother Joseph Parsons) she was adopted by Anne Snook and George Snook.

She was present at the wedding of Anna's brother Joseph Parsons on 29 April 1920. In the census of 1921 she was living with her adopted parents Anna and George at a wooden home at 230 Algoma Street in Port Arthur, Lillian as an 18-year-old "tailoress" with an income of $900 CAD per month, but who had been been out of work for 2 months.

At the time of her adopted mother's death on 10 May 1924, she was listed as living in Winnipeg.

Marriage and family

She married Donald Cameron "Don" McLeod (12 March 1899 - 19 March 1963) in Winnipeg three weeks after her mother's death, on 4 June 1924. Don was listed as a fireman on their marriage certificate.

They had three sons:

1727 Crawford Avenue, Thunder Bay, where Lillian lived in 1963

Her husband's 1963 obituary gives her address as 1727 Crawford Avenue in Fort William, and her step-brother's obituary in 1960 says she also was living in Fort William at this time.

Later life

In 1960 at the time of her step-brother George's death she was living in Fort William. Lillian's husband Don died in Ontario in 1963, while Ronald was still living at home. At some point after her husband's death, Lillian moved to British Columbia.

Lillian died at Trillium Lodge, a publicly-funded senior's home in the small town of Parksville, on Vancouver Island, on 26 January 1989. Her uncle John also died there so it is possible there was a family exodus for some reason to BC.

Lillian's obituary is infuriatingly short:

Lillian McLeod, 85, of Parksville died Thursday in Trillium Lodge [1] [2]. Sands Funeral Home.
— Nanaimo Daily News, Friday 27 January 1989

Her step-sister Anna died five months later, in June 1989. There is no evidence Anna and Lillian were close friends, perhaps since Anna had already left Port Arthur by the time Lillian was adopted.


Kenneth and Ronald appear to have had no issue, given family trees from Lillian's descendants on Ancestry.com.

Elgin would go on to have one son and one daughter with Jeanette Lillian Maxine McQuaig (born 1930 - died in Kamloops before 2018). He died on July 14, 1993, in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, at the age of 66.

Elgin's two children are:

Lines of evidence

Lillian is somewhat mysterious because she isn't mentioned in her adopted father's 1930 obituary, and about whom the rest of the Anna Currie descendants remember very little.

We know about her from several independent pieces of evidence:

1. The 1921 census, by which time she was living with Anna and George Snook, and establishing her year of birth as 1903. She is missing from the 1911 census at age 8, so she must have been adopted sometime after 1911 but before 1921.

2. Her mention in a news article about the 29 April 1920 wedding of her adopted mother's brother Joseph Parsons. (The article appeared in print in the Port Arthur News-Chronicle on 1 May 1920; so the wedding was definitely in April 1920. However, the article mentions "Thursday 20 April", although the "Thursday" listed would be impossible as 20 April was a Tuesday in 1920. Furthermore, in his death documents, Joseph Parsons' wedding is listed by relatives as having been on 29 April 1920. Since 29 April was indeed a Thursday, and because it would be unusual to delay reporting the wedding so long between 20 April and 1 May, and because it would be harder to make a mistake about the day of the week, it is likeliest that it was a typo in the news article and in fact the wedding was on the 29th.)

Lillian at her adopted mother's brother's wedding

3. Her mention in her adopted mother Anne Snook's 10 May 1924 obituary, which is the only source attesting that she was adopted, and which establishes that she was living in Winnipeg as of 10 May 1924.

4. The recollection of Bill Currie, who remembers personally meeting Lillian when he moved to Port Arthur in 1954; and she was specifically said to be an aunt of his father Jack Currie.

There were a number of my Grandma Currie's relatives living in Thunder Bay (Port Arthur) when my family moved there in 1954 and whom I met but, unfortunately, never clarified their exact relationship. Lillian, whom I believe my Dad referred to as his Aunt (which would make her Anna's sister - I don't recall any mention of what happened to George Jr.), was one. I can imagine census taking in 1911 missing or losing details so that could explain Lillian's absence in that edition.
— Bill Currie, grandson of Anna Currie, 2019

5. The recollection of Marilyn Hermiston, who also remembers a Lillian, although more vaguely. Marilyn Hermiston, great-granddaughter of George Snook, in 2019 remembered this: "Besides Annie Snook's brother George, I’m not sure [she had other siblings]. Think Dad had a relative by name of Lillian but that could have been his Uncle George’s wife, or the baby that died. Just know the name Lillian mentioned sometime. Sorry I can’t give you anything more"

6. Her brother George Jr.'s obituary (establishing that she married a Don McLeod and lives in Fort William as of June 1960).

7. A Manitoba marriage license on 4 June 1924 saying a Lillian Mildred Snook married a Donald Cameron McLeod (born 1899). This is the only primary source for her middle name.

8. Her husband's obituary from 1963.

9. Nanaimo Times obituary from 1989.

10. Two ancestry.com members who are her direct descendants. (Karen and Kiel)

Early life

She was born circa 1903, according to the 1921 census.

She was adopted sometime after 1911 but before 1921. In 1911 she does not appear in the census listing with the rest of her family. In this census, it's just George, Anne, their namesake children, and George Sr.'s brother Edward Langley Snook living together.

At the wedding of her mother's brother Joseph Parsons in Port Arthur on 20 April 1920, a "Miss Lillian Snook" is cited as accompanying the bride:

"The bride... was attended by Miss Lillian Snook, who wore a dress of negre brown trimmed with cream point lace and beads, with a corsage bouquet of pink carnations"
— Port Arthur News-Chronicle, 2 May 1920

In the 1921 census she reappears in the record: an 18-year-old girl, working as a tailoress, living at 230 Algoma Street, Port Arthur, with her adopted father and mother. Her adopted father's income is $1550. All three are listed as Methodists; he is an Engineer at a "Powerhouse", his wife has no job, and his daughter is a "Tailoress" at a "Tailor shop", out of work for 2 months.

Stranger still, in her father George's 1930 obituary there is no mention of her! She is not listed as a surviving child, or at all.

Future Research

1. Contact Lillian's living descendants


[1] McLeod, Donald C. 64 19 Mar 1963 FW 20 Mar 1963 p.3 (obituary)