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Welcome to Curriepedia: a compendium of information on the people, places, and things that are somehow related to Michael Currie.

On Wikipedia, articles must satisfy criteria for notability [1]. Here, we suffer from no such requirement.

What makes Encyclopedia-style articles so fascinating is how they look at subjects normally seen only in a snapshot at their present moment, and instead provide perspective by showing a little bit of information, the most salient information, spread over their whole lives. So instead of a LOT of information about the present moment, instead you get a nice even amount of information across their whole lives. Which creates a perspective that cannot easily be seen otherwise. It shows a more whole perspective, by showing the dimension of time.
— Michael Currie, October 2019

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Getting started

If you would like to contribute, please email Michael using the first initial of his first name, followed by his last name, followed by, and get your own editor account.