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| [[Alex Currie]], [[Anna Currie]]
| [[Alex Currie]], [[Anna Currie]]
| [[Clyde Currie]], [[Neill Currie]], [[Marian Gillis]], [[Flora Heylar]], [[Norma Currie]]
| [[Clyde Currie]], [[Neill Currie]], [[Marian Gillis]], [[Flora Heylar]], [[Norma Currie]]
| [[Allan Currie]], [[Marilyn Hermiston]], [[Bruce Currie]], ...
| [[Allan Currie]], [[Marilyn Hermiston]], [[Bruce Currie]], [[Mike Gillis]], [[Greg Gillis]], [[Wayne Gillis]], [[Lillias Bjornson]], [[Neill Heylar]], [[Susan Shoesmith]]
| 16 (+4 adopted): [[June Currie]], [[Michael Allan Currie]], [[Ian John Currie]], [[Jason Currie]], [[Phoenix Gillis]], [[Veronica Gillis]], [[Grace Gillis]], [[Kathryn Gillis]], [[Lisa Bjornson]], [[Sean Bjornson]], [[Kitt Bjornson]], [[Lee Bjornson]], [[Rodney Heylar]], [[Stacey Heylar]], [[Adam Shoesmith]], [[Kevin Shoesmith]]
| 16 (+4 adopted): [[June Currie]], [[Michael Allan Currie]], [[Ian John Currie]], [[Jason Currie]], [[Phoenix Gillis]], [[Veronica Gillis]], [[Grace Gillis]], [[Kathryn Gillis]], [[Lisa Bjornson]], [[Sean Bjornson]], [[Kitt Bjornson]], [[Lee Bjornson]], [[Rodney Heylar]], [[Stacey Heylar]], [[Adam Shoesmith]], [[Kevin Shoesmith]]

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Michael Currie, 2013

Michael Bruce Currie (Thai [1]: ไมเคิน บรูซ เคอรี่) (born 8 June 1982) is a Canadian man.

Early life

He was born 8 June 1982 in London, Ontario, to Ron Currie and Mary Ann Currie. At the time of his birth, his mother had just completed law school at the University of Western Ontario. A month after his birth, he moved permanently with his mother and father to Ron's hometown of Thunder Bay, Ontario. [2]

His sister Carolyn was born 2 February 1985.

With his parents and sister he spent a year in Dijon, France, from Fall 1987 to Spring 1988, and during this time he attended an all-french school.

Besides this stint, he spent his formative years in Thunder Bay, attending Pine Street School from Kindergarten until Grade 6, Gron Morgan School from Grade 7 to Grade 8, and Hammarskjold High School from Grade 9 until his Ontario Academic Credit (OAC, or Grade 13) year. He graduated from high school in June 2001.

In May 2001 Currie won an honourable mention in the BP/EUI Essay Contest.

In July 2001 Currie attended Shad Valley, at the Dalhousie University campus.

From September 2001 Currie attended the Universty of Waterloo. He received his degree in Mathematical Sciences in Spring 2007.


Michael has one sister, Carolyn Trottier. Total people in his immediate family: 4 (Ron Currie, Mary Ann Currie, Carolyn Trottier, Michael Currie). We could also add Maxime Trottier and Michael's nephews Cole Trottier and Bentley Trottier, for a total of 7.

Michael has twelve first cousins:

Branch Siblings of Michael's parents Number of first cousins
Currie Bill Currie, Doug Currie 4: Ian Currie, Jeff Currie, Janet Kelk, Dave Currie
Newman Sandra Kenzie, Lynn Newman 8: Alex Atherton, Andrew Atherton, Vanessa Atherton, Stephen Atherton, Megan Kenzie, Meredith Kenzie, Laura Kenzie, Patrick Kenzie

Adding grandparents (Jack Currie, Lucy Currie, Bruce Newman, Ruth Newman), plus 4 aunts and uncles related by marriage (Jim Kenzie, Mike Atherton, Eleanor Currie, Loraine Currie), that is cumulative total of 28 individuals. It's notable that while all grandparents are dead, all the others are still alive and none have had divorces.

Adding descendants beyond Michael's generation, that's another 9 on the Newman side and 9 on the Currie side. We could also include spouses and partners of cousins, for another 10 unrelated individuals. That makes for a total of 28 + 3 in the immediate family, so 59 individuals.

Michael has about fifty second cousins:

Branch Michael's Grandparents Siblings of Michael's grandparents Cousins of Michael's parents Second Cousins
Currie Alex Currie, Anna Currie Clyde Currie, Neill Currie, Marian Gillis, Flora Heylar, Norma Currie Allan Currie, Marilyn Hermiston, Bruce Currie, Mike Gillis, Greg Gillis, Wayne Gillis, Lillias Bjornson, Neill Heylar, Susan Shoesmith 16 (+4 adopted): June Currie, Michael Allan Currie, Ian John Currie, Jason Currie, Phoenix Gillis, Veronica Gillis, Grace Gillis, Kathryn Gillis, Lisa Bjornson, Sean Bjornson, Kitt Bjornson, Lee Bjornson, Rodney Heylar, Stacey Heylar, Adam Shoesmith, Kevin Shoesmith
Cooke John Cooke, Rosetta Cooke Eva Bate, Edna Buxton, Ernie Cooke, Ann Ogden, Rosalind Foot Jack Bate, Thomas Bate, Vivian Buxton, Betty Buxton, Lloyd Cooke, Marjorie Cooke, Robert Cooke, Bryan Ogden, Don Foot, Joanne Foot  ?
Newman Clint Newman, Eugenia Newman Jack Newman, Gene Newman Janet Newman, David Newman, Tom Newman, Karen Furlich 7: Mara Furlich, Michelle Furlich, Nicholas Furlich, Samantha Furlich, Michael Newman, David Newman's two girls
Coulter Joseph Coulter, Williamina Bessie Coulter Wes Coulter, Ken Coulter, Hubert Coulter, Ruth Newman, Everett Coulter, Elaine Luet, Ian Coulter Jeff Coulter, Hugh Coulter, Robin Coulter, Laddie Coulter, Stephanie Luet, Joel Luet, Karen Luet, Tim Luet, Stephen Coulter, Janis Coulter, David Coulter 15: Dylan Coulter, Brittany Coulter, Marlee Coulter, Jennifer Wesley, Ann Benstead, Carter Wesley, Cohen Wesley, Robert Gray, Laura Gray, Shawn Gray, Nicholas Gray, Christoff Neuland, Lynnea Neuland, Ella Coulter, Brin Coulter

Including all aunts, uncles, grandparents, grandaunts, granduncles, great grandparents, and 2nd cousins once removed, that is 8 + 18 + perhaps 12 cousins more for each side, so perhaps another 50 at least. So his 2nd cousin tree of relations, containing the collective descendants of Alex Currie, George Snook, Clint Newman, and Joseph Coulter, contains about 100 - 110 individuals.

    • 3rd Cousins**

It's likely Michael has perhaps 300 third cousins, for a total number of relatives out to that level including all descendants, reaching a figure as high as 600.


See LinkedIn [3]


Currie first took up partner dancing in January 2006, beginning with salsa dancing. From January 2007 to February 2017, Currie pursued a competitive dance career in International Latin. [4]

Since 2016 Currie has been a co-host and producer with the Let's Make The Future podcast.

Places of residence

Year Places lived more than two weeks
1982 London Ontario, Thunder Bay
1983 Thunder Bay
1984 Thunder Bay
1985 Thunder Bay
1986 Thunder Bay
1987 Thunder Bay, Dijon
1988 Dijon, Thunder Bay
1989 Thunder Bay
1990 Thunder Bay
1991 Thunder Bay
1992 Thunder Bay
1993 Thunder Bay
1994 Thunder Bay
1995 Thunder Bay
1996 Thunder Bay
1997 Thunder Bay
1998 Thunder Bay
1999 Thunder Bay
2000 Thunder Bay
2001 Thunder Bay, Halifax, Waterloo
2002 Waterloo, Oxford
2003 Toronto, Waterloo
2004 Waterloo
2005 Waterloo
2006 Toronto, New York City, Waterloo
2007 Calgary
2008 Calgary
2009 Calgary
2010 Calgary
2011 Calgary
2012 Calgary
2013 Calgary
2014 Calgary
2015 Calgary
2016 Calgary, Bangkok
2017 Calgary, Saskatoon, Bangkok
2018 Bangkok
2019 Bangkok

Other names

A very small number of Michael's friends and acquantances refer to him as "Mike". This list includes:

Another group of friends call him "Currie". This list includes his friends originating from his high school drama classes.

In first-year university, in Fall 2001 and Winter 2002, on the "Animal" floor of Renison College [5], his nickname was "TBAY" or "MichaelCurrie.com".