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Joseph Wesley "Wes" Coulter (1912 - 6 September 1997) was a Canadian World War 2 veteran and salesman for Maple Leaf Foods.

Early life

He was born in 1912 in Alberta to the Reverend Joseph Coulter and his wife Williamina Bessie Coulter. He used his middle name, likely to disambiguate himself from his father, with whom he shared a first name.

World War 2

He served as a Pilot Officer of the RCAF, service number J/90189.

He was released 24 May 1945.


After the war, he became a salesman for Maple Leaf foods. (according to the recollections of his niece Stephanie Luet in November 2018)

Marriage and family

Toronto Daily Star, 6 March 1945

He married Joyce Caswell 3 March 1945, at Hart House chapel. His sister Ruth Newman played the piano during the ceremony.

Wes had four children who are all alive as of 2018. Only Laddie gave him grandchildren - a total of 3. No great-grandchildren as of 2018.

Robin married Menachem "Manny" Kramer (born 12 August 1954) on 25 November 1981. No issue.

Laddie married Barbra Anne Blades (born 14 November 1957) on 27 September 1986. Three children:

  • Dylan Wesley Coulter (born 28 June 1989)
  • Brittany Beth Coulter (born 19 March 1991)
  • Marlee Anne Coulter (born 27 October 1993)

Jeff and Hugh are apparently unmarried with no issue.


He died 6 September 1997 in Abbotsford, British Columbia.


Sandra Kenzie told to Michael Currie

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