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Shaun Moffatt, 8 August 2015

Shaun Frederick Moffatt (born 12 September 1973) is a Winnipeg engineer.

Early life

Shaun was born 12 September 1973 as Shaun Frederick Anema to Marilyn Currie and Brian Anema. He has one older sister, Sharlene "Shar".

His parents divorced in 1977 and his mother had full custody of him and Shar.

In 1981, his mother remarried and she was adopted by Doug Hermiston, her mother's second husband, and he and his sister changed their names. His name became Shaun Frederick Hermiston.

Marriage and family

Shaun married a fellow roller-derby enthusiast, Tannys Moffatt, on 24 June 2001. He took her last name when they married, becoming Shaun Frederick Moffatt.

They had no children. They divorced in 2017.

Education and Career

Moffatt has 3 degrees:

  • Bachelor of Environmental Studies in Landscape Architecture
  • Bachelor of Environmental Science
  • Master of Environmental Science

As of 2019 he works for an engineering firm in Winnipeg, Manitoba. "He used to be their only environmentalist but they now have a department," according to his mother.


He is a roller-derby enthusiast, which may have been where he met his ex-wife.


Marilyn Hermiston

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